Xypex products are suited for a variety of concrete remediation projects which typically incorporate surface coatings or reinstatement, crack repair and spalling repair. Concrete remediation with Xypex products is often a more cost-effective solution compared to other short-term methods which typically require ongoing maintenance.

Xypex products have been successfully used for the reinstatement of many concrete structures including - dams, water storage tanks, culverts, bridges, power/hydro facilities, marine structures and tunnels.


Xypex Concentrate and Modified are a unique chemical treatment for the waterproofing, protection and repair of concrete, typically applied as a cementitious coating to initiate Xypex crystalline technology.

Construction Joints and Other Repairs

Xypex products are used for construction joints and the rectification of other concrete structural details including joint treatments, pipe penetrations, and tie bolt patching.

Crack Repairs

Xypex crack repair systems are a unique solution to repair and initiate crystalline growth, into a structure exhibiting cracks, whether for waterproofing or durability purposes.

Spalling Repairs

Xypex products are suited for the repair and reinstatement of structures exhibiting spalling, where concrete reinforcement has been subjected to corrosion.