Suvarnabhumi Institute of Technology

Suvarnabhumi Institute of Technology

This University building was constructed to provide a learning centre for young Thai's to train in technology disciplines ahead of joining the Asian Economic Community.


Following extensive reviews and comparisons of protection systems, Xypex was selected to provide the durability, protection from chemical attack and waterproofing capabilities the buildings designers required.


The basements of the concrete structure were protected from the start by the specification of Xypex Admix C 1000 NF at the batching plant. Xypex's admixture provides protection against chloride attack in the harsh ‘marine like’ environment that the Bangkok ground conditions give.


One single treatment with this system, also gives protection to the wastewater treatment tanks, providing a guarantee of reliability, durability and low maintenance costs to the entire concrete matrix.



Concrete Waterproofing, Concrete Crack Repair, Concrete Spalling, Honeycombing and Patch Repair, Concrete Assessment Level 1, Concrete Joint Systems