Bridge Construction Over Klong Luk Wua

Bridge Construction Over Klong Luk Wua

The bridge over Klong Luk Wua had been in use for many years, with residents and students using the structure as part of their daily route. Due to high footfall, deterioration to the bridge had occurred and was becoming a hazard for the many people who were using it. This led to the authorities developing and designing a new bridge structure.


Xypex Thailand were engaged to dose and treat the Asset, allowing the architects and design team to achieve the maximum possible design life for this project. Xypex Admix C-1000NF was specified to treat more than 90 m3 of concrete, and used to design the columns, beams and bridge deck, providing the highest form of protection against aggressive chloride conditions.


To create even higher performing levels of protection, the underneath sections of the bridge deck were treated with Xypex Concentrate and cured with Xypex Gamma Cure to ensure a quick turnaround time for the nearby residents and students. These technical based solutions from Xypex Thailand also provide a long-term durability to the Asset, which is surrounded by aggressive wetland conditions.




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