Tha Phra Underpass

Tha Phra Underpass

This important traffic underpass, located in southern Bangkok, was one of the first traffic management tunnels built in Bangkok, in around 2001.


Due to the nature of the asset and its high daily usage, after seventeen years, extensive durability problems arose caused mainly by carbonation, a frequent issue in traffic infrastructure. Due to the significance of the underpass, demolition and rebuilding the Asset could not be considered as an option because of the logistical difficulties it would cause. Instead, the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority sought to seek solutions to remediate the existing structure, returning durability and extending the underpass’s service life.


Xypex Thailand were awarded the job to complete the remedial works, using our repair and remediation systems. The products used to achieve this were, Xypex Megamix II, Xypex Patch’n Plug, Xypex Concentrate and Xypex Gamma Cure. The D-Wall was successfully repaired and remediated in line with the project brief, by working overnight whilst traffic downtime was permitted.


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