The Grand Meditation Stadium

The Grand Meditation Stadium

The Grand Meditation building is a significant focal point within the Dhammakaya Temple Complex. The building comprises two concentric squares covering approximately 1,000,000 m2. The central mediation area covers 400,00 m2 and can accommodate an incredible 1 million worshipers at a time. The outer structures which stand over 2 storeys, are 1000m wide either side, making this building the largest temple structure in Thailand.


Extending the service life of the structure to meet the designer’s specifications was a major reason Xypex systems were used on this showcase project. Xypex Concentrate was applied to provide self-healing crack qualities, waterproofing and durability to the first-floor slabs, as construction progressed on the roof level. The gutter systems were also treated, ensuring the rainwater collection system met the necessary standards, in tandem with the slabs. Xypex Gamma Cure was used to ensure the installation met the required standards.


As an additional service, and to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the beams prone to algae/moss issues in the humid climate, Xypex Thailand applied Xypex Quickset to all of the exposed concrete beams.




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