Sathira Dhammasathan

Sathira Dhammasathan

Sathira Dhammasathan is a meditation practice centre for Buddhists, located in the Bang Khen area of Bangkok. Founded in 1987 by Mae Chee Sansanee Sathiensut, the group’s new building to support working projects of this centre, was finished in 2019.


Due to the high usage and nature of the building, it was pertinent that durability and long service life needs were met. Xypex Concentrate Coating was specified for this structure to assist in both those needs, by creating a waterproof concrete structure, used alongside our curing agent, Xypex Gamma Cure.


Along with increasing the service life of the Asset, the Xypex systems used also assists in sustainability, a reduction in maintenance costs and provides self-healing crack capabilities should the need arise.



Concrete Waterproofing, Concrete Crack Repair, Concrete Spalling, Honeycombing and Patch Repair, Concrete Assessment Level 1