Superswell 47B

Superswell 47B® Hydrophilic Butyl Waterstop Seal is a unique sealing compound which expands in a controlled fashion when exposed to moisture, forming a compression seal in concrete joints. Superswell 47B® is ideal for use in horizontal and vertical construction joints for cast in-situ concrete structures.

Superswell 47B® is manufactured utilising a specialised mixing process which encapsulates hydrophilic materials into a Butyl base creating a controlled, moisture-activated seal. The product has the structural integrity and the long term durability features of Butyl, as well as the ability to expand to create a self-healing joint waterstop seal.

Superswell 47B® complies to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects, ensuring Superswell 47B® is safe for use in drinking water applications. Therefore, it is suitable to use in various potable water retaining structures like water tanks, swimming pools and reservoirs.

Superswell 47B Corkjoint Compliance

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