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Career Opportunities

Xypex Thailand is a leading manufacturer of concrete waterproofing, durability and repair products and is well known for its excellent product range and market leadership. 

Xypex Thailand is a unique organisation with a mission to facilitate an environment for our people that promotes social responsibility and encourages the growth of knowledge, skills and proficiencies in our people. Xypex believe that “our people are our asset” and are the driving force behind business growth.

Xypex is an organisation that is committed to encouraging and enabling continuous learning and sharing of knowledge, we provide clear vision and direction and continual learning concepts to our employees to enhance job satisfaction and technical expertise. Xypex recognises staff with a willingness to learn and encourages staff through our performance management system giving all employees career opportunities within the organisation. Xypex is dedicated to embrace the challenge of market growth and leadership of continual improvement of standards, whilst maintaining the health and safety of our employees. We are dedicated to creating an environment of diversity, trust and respect.



Xypex pride themselves with long-term staff retention which has led Xypex to being the preferred employer.

We offer our employees

  • Career advancement
  • Professional Development
  • Opportunities
  • Diversity

Career opportunities at Xypex

•    Business Development Partner •    Management
•    Administration •    Marketing
•    Accounts payable and Receivable •    Finance
•    Operations •    Waterproofing Specialists
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