Durability Consulting

An essential part of a successful repair of concrete structures is to establish the underlying case and extent in which, the concrete is deteriorated. For a repair to be successful, it must eliminate/mitigate the cause and repair it to the full extent of the deterioration, ensuring that the structure is protected from the key deterioration mechanisms ultimately prolonging it's lifespan.

Here at XMS Thailand, our team of skilled professionals and Engineers provide full Durability Consulting to meet your concrete asset needs.

Related Projects


Tha Phra Underpass

Due to the nature of the asset and its high daily usage, after seventeen years, extensive durability problems arose caused mainly by carbonation, a frequent issue in traffic infrastructure.


Bridge Construction over Klong Luk Wua

Due to the high footfall, deterioration to the bridge had occurred and was becoming a hazard for the many people who were using it. This led to the authorities developing and designing a new bridge structure.


Sindhorn Midtown Hotel

Through the use our highly efficient waterproofing solutions, Xypex Thailand were specified to be used in the basement structures, water tanks, wastewater treatment tanks, lift pits, swimming pools and roof slabs of the project.