Concrete Spalling, Honeycombing and Patch Repairs

Xypex Marketing Service recognise the importance of the structural integrity of concrete assets, in all market segments. We consider how concrete infrastructure can be seriously compromised over time due to a number of conditions leading to corrosion of the reinforcement and spalling of outer layers of the concrete. 

Often in the case of spalling, this underlying cause requires remediation and consideration prior to repairs being undertaken. The specialised team at XMS Thailand are experienced in the use of market leading Xypex Crystalline Technology to achieve extension of service life. 

Related Projects


Cyber World Tower

The Cyber World Towers in Bangkok provide both retail and commercial spaces to businesses, located in one of the prime commercial hubs of Bangkok. The site compromises two skyscraper towers, 53 and 48 storeys high, and has a peculiar construction history.


Suvarnabhumi Institute of Technology

This University building was constructed to provide a learning centre for young Thai's to train in technology disciplines ahead of joining the Asian Economic Community.
Following extensive reviews and comparisons of protection systems, Xypex was selected to provide the durability, protection from chemical attack and waterproofing capabilities the buildings designers required.

Asawin Grand Convention Hotel

Xypex Thailand was chosen to provide waterproofing solutions to the basement to provide protection from the underground water pressure, along with the water tanks, wastewater treatment tanks and roof slabs.