Service Life Enhancement

XMS Thailand take a consultative approach to market that is underpinned by our mission to enhance and extend the service life of concrete assets.

Alongside and supported by a highly technical team, the XMS Thailand team have detailed knowledge of Xypex Crystalline Technology, particularly in relation to performance, additional protection options and methods available to effectively remediate and apply Xypex Products. We can develop unique and specific remediation and treatment procedures to allow for the project circumstances, environment and specifically the allowable assets shut down times in order to achieve Service Life Enhancement.

Related Projects


Asian Best Chicken Factory

As part of the multi-national Mitsubishi Group Food Division, the Asian Best Chicken Factory invested 1 billion baht in to constructing their new factory in Nong Khae, to produce processed chicken in 2018.

The Grand Meditation Stadium

The Grand Meditation building is a significant focal point within the Dhammakaya Temple Complex. The building comprises two concentric squares covering approximately 1,000,000 m2. The central mediation area covers 400,00 m2 and can accommodate an incredible 1 million worshipers at a time.

The Dhammakaya Cetiya

The Dhammakaya Cetiya is described as a symbol of world peace through inner peace. The Cetiya holds the shape of a hemispherical dome, 32 metres high and 108 metres in diameter.