Concrete Joint Systems

Joints identified in concrete building construction are; Construction Joints, Expansion Joints, Contraction Joints and Isolation Joints. Xypex Marketing Services experienced team has the ability to both assess and provide suitable solutions to all jointing needs.

Related Projects


Ideo Mobi Condominium

The Ideo Mobi Condominium complex offers a wide variety of modern facilities including, a rooftop swimming pool and garden, gym and living areas.

Pacific Auto Parts New Factory

The owner had specific requirements for the protection of the retaining walls and machine pits, core to the factory and production buildings. To meet the client’s needs, Xypex Thailand specified Xypex Concentrate to treat an area along with our joint sealing solution Superswell 47b, used to waterproof joints between the adjacent walls. 


Phoenix Medical Centre

Xypex Thailand was selected to install waterproofing systems in 4 buildings of the Phoenix Medical Centre, totalling over 25,000 m2. Xypex's highly efficient Xypex Concentrate coating system was chosen to treat the large basement areas to provide waterproofing, along with the added benefit of protection from sulphate attack, which can be common in the harsh Bangkok subsoil environments.