Concrete Crack Repair

It is important that each situation is individually assessed and the correct repair technique is specified. Xypex Marketing Service are specialists in a range of Crack Repair Methods with Xypex Crystalline Technology to meet the needs of wet and dry conditions along with structural requirements.

Related Projects


N Health Hat Yai Hospital Car Park

Part of the Krung Thep Hospital Group, the car park of this hospital had developed a serious leak problem due to developing cracks in the concrete. Concerns over reinforcement corrosion, carbonation and durability, prompted major repair works to extend the service life of the building and reduce any maintenance costs in the future.

The Street Ratchada

This new shopping mall, in central Bangkok, was constructed with 22,000 m2 of retail space, and was based on a 'loft' design concept.

One of the developer’s key requirements was to ensure tenants did not suffer disruption to their businesses with excessive maintenance, as the structure aged.

Wat Pra Dammakaya Animation

As an important part of the Dhammakaya Temple complex, a pre-requisite for this building was to be watertight, dust free, and have ultra-low maintenance costs. The monks and novices working here are educated and trained in modern disciplines, with emphasis on high tech IT equipment - hence the stringent design requirements.