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Our Passion Is Concrete

How it works, how it behaves, how it reacts, how it deteriorates and how to protect it.

Xypex Marketing Service Thailand (XMS) is a major Regional Distributor for Xypex Australia. A leading organisation that enhances Concrete Durability in Commercial and Civil Infrastructure, Xypex Australia provides long term Sustainability within Concrete Assets, leading the way in Crystalline Technology, based in Albury, New South Wales Australia. XMS Thailand operates throughout all of Thailand and is an innovative organisation that has a heavy focus on the importance of " Sustainability in Concrete Structures" by providing remedial methodologies, that enhance durability through remediation of structural defects.

Whilst standard building practices are often governed by short term economic consideration, our Mission in assisting in Sustainable Construction is based on providing Remedial Methodologies that emphasise and deliver long term service delivery in the preservation and rehabilitation of Concrete Assets, bringing about efficiencies and proven cost benefits. These efficiencies will in-turn, assist in reducing environmental impacts, with the aim to increase economic sustainability in Commercial and Civil Infrastructure.

XMS Thailand embraces Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through all business functions and strategies, to encourage and engage a positive impact through its business activities; on the Environment, Employees, Consumers and the Community. This in turn reflects upon both Social and Economic benefits, that continues to express the integrity of  the Xypex brand.

XMS Thailand is a Thai Company with ownership based in both Thailand and Australia and has been successfully operating for the past twelve years. XMS Thailand is proud of their continued business growth, which is driven by their commitment to provide value and deliver quality to their Clientele. It is this valued service, that has contributed to the organisation in achieving significant and sustained Market Growth. We pride ourselves on providing career progression for our people, resulting in a group of highly driven professionals who believe that there is NO EQUAL”


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