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Xypex For Engineers

Xypex Thailand understands your business and your requirements. Xypex Technical Department and Business Development Team are ready to suggest solutions for any problems or concerns in regard to concrete structures in terms of durability and service life of the structure, impermeable and waterproof concrete, cold joints etc. We are committed to promote Performance-Based Specifications to achieve solutions which meet the concrete durability performance criteria. We respect research studies and experimental investigations which is confirmed by more than 150 experimental, case studies and independent  testing reports available via our website.

Xypex crystalline formation becomes an integral part of the concrete and provides a completely sealed and impermeable concrete. By using Xypex products there will not need to apply any form of waterproofing system.

Xypex controls permeability which is a key link to enhance the durability, long-term structural integrity, protective capacity and aesthetic qualities of the concrete. By preventing the penetration of aggressive chemicals, Xypex Crystalline Technology helps control the problems of sulphate attack, leaching, alkaline aggregate reaction, carbonation and chloride induced corrosion.

As an admixture, Xypex Admix will not only positively affect the fresh and hardened concrete properties such as workability, air entrainment, and strength of the concrete as formulated in the mix design and target strength, but also, test results confirm that Xypex crystalline formation enhances the durability properties of hardened concrete significantly. Concrete with Xypex Admix is still handled, placed, finished and cured as usual. In other words, concrete containing Xypex Admix still behaves like concrete.

Some significant engineering performances of the Xypex Crystalline Technology are expressed as follows:

  • Xypex Resists Extreme Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Xypex Resists Aggressive Chemicals
  • Xypex Provides High Chloride Protection for Marine Structures
  • Xypex Protects Steel Reinforcement from Corrosion (by increasing chloride threshold level by drying the concrete around the steel reinforcement)

Some Engineered-Specified Xypex Projects:

Sydney Harbour Tunnels - Australia
Panama Canal - Panama
Grimsel Dam - Switzerland
Ankara Metro - Turkey
Aomori Bridge – Japan
Allegria Wastewater Treatment Plant - Brazil
Gloria Ferrier Champagne Caves - USA
Revelstoke Canyon Dam - Canada
Sao Paulo Metro – Brazil