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XYPEX MEGAMIX I is a thin parge coat for the waterproofing and resurfacing of vertical or masonry or concrete surfaces, as a cap coat for Xypex Concentrate, or as an architectural rendering.

Megamix I is a unique blend of Portland cement, treated silica sand, fibers and proprietary chemicals. It is mixed with Xycrylic Admix to produce enhanced bond. Megamix I is applied by brush or trowel up to a thickness of 10 mm. The high performance characteristic of Megamix I are enhanced by Xypex's unique crystalline waterproofing and protection technology.

For patching or resurfacing deteriorated concrete, requiring a thicker application (between 10 mm to 50 mm) refer to the product data sheet for Xypex Megamix II.

For specific information including Test Data, Coverage, Installation Procedures on this product, please download a product data sheet.


Xypex Megamix I complies with the requirements of:

  • AS/NZS 4020:2005, Testing of products for use in contact with Drinking Water


  • Waterproof coating for vertical concrete block surfaces and cast-in-place concrete walls
  • A secondary or cap coat for Xypex Concentrate applications to porous masonry surfaces
  • Lining for swimming pools, tunnels and tanks


  • Single component (simply add water)
  • Fast setting: two to three minutes at 21ºC (water temperature will also affect set time)
  • Excellent structural strength
  • As durable as the masonry and concrete to which it is applied
  • Non-metallic (will not rust or deteriorate)
  • Non-toxic
Xypex Megamix I