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Xypex Ancillary

Xypex Australia provides complete concrete repair and protection solutions, the following high quality products are available to complete the Xypex system.

  • Xypex Gamma Cure

    Xypex Gamma Cure is a curing agent designed specifically for Xypex crystalline waterproofing products. Its use may eliminate the need for water curing the Xypex coating in some cases.

  • Xypex Xycrylic Admix

    Xypex Xycrylic Admix is a water-based polymer dispersion designed for fortifying Portland cement compositions. The liquid is milky-white in colour and has a high solids content. Xypex Xycrylic Admix is also used to fortify Xypex Patch'n Plug.

  • Xypex Quickset

    Xypex Quickset is a water-soluble liquid blend of silicates, neutralisers and penetrating agents specially compounded to harden, dustproof and seal the surfaces of fresh or newly cured concrete floors.