Extending the Service Life4

The Winner Condominium Pattaya, Chonburi

This small residential 7 storey condominium was built in 2015, and is situated close to the beach, in the Chonburi province in the south east of Thailand. 

The ambient conditions in the area constitute a ‘marine like’ environment. The project requirements called for long service life, quick construction time together with a low maintenance concrete roof slab. 

To meet these needs, Xypex was employed to provide our Xypex Admixture C-1000NF which can protect the structure from the high chloride conditions. Our solution also provides for reduced maintenance costs and extends the structure’s service life.

800 kg of product was used in the roof slab mix design, which allowed for a speedy build time when the roof slab was poured.

Xypex Product(s) Used
  • Xypex C-1000 NF

    Xypex Admix C-1000 NF is a unique powdered form admixture that has been formulated to make the concrete completely watertight and waterproof. It outperforms other methods because of its unique ability to become a truly integral part of the concrete matrix.