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Studland Bay Windfarm: Woolnorth, TAS, Australia

Studland Bay Wind Farm is part of the Woolnorth Wind Farm project located in the far North West of Tasmania. Climatic conditions at this location made it ideal for the placement of large scale wind development but leaves the structure exposed to the damaging effects of chloride laden air.

Prevailing winds are predominantly from the west, whipping over the icy waters of the Southern Ocean, with the closest main landmass being that of the east coast of South America.

Because of the vast ocean expanse and coastal location, long term concrete durability was a concern to the asset owners. Xypex Concentrate was chosen for the protection of the turbine bases' concrete. Approximately 6,500 kg of product was applied to the 25 foundations.

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Xypex Product(s) Used
  • Xypex Concentrate