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Sidney Myer Music Bowl: Melbourne

A shotcrete application for a retaining wall at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl utilised Xypex Admix C-Series as part of the concrete mix, to assist in providing concrete waterproofing integrity.

Xypex Admix C-Series is a permeability-reducing admixture characterised by crystallization reactivity and is an inorganic admixture. The active ingredients in Xypex react with a broad range of hydration by-products which include various metal oxides and salts, unhydrated and partially hydrated cement particulates as well as calcium hydroxide, regardless of the Portland or blended cement types.

The reactive products of Xypex Admix are in mineral crystal form and grow in the residual vacancies (pores and cracks) in concrete, with a unique ability to self-heal hairline cracks up to 0.4mm.

Xypex Product(s) Used