Extending the Service Life4

Service Value

The Memorial Hall of Phramongkolthepmuni


  • Providing solutions that deliver optimal outcomes through industry leading technologies.
  • Enhancing Durability performance by becoming an integral part of the concrete matrix.
  • Protecting your Assets by creating water tight structures by Crystallisation.
  • Extending the Service Life of Concrete Assets


  • Providing solutions in the management of Early Age Defects of Concrete Assets.
  • Innovation of application and technology used to assist in the restoration of early age treatment of concrete defects.
  • Providing assurance and protection.
Image 5 Dammakaya Car Park


  • Service delivery in the protection of Commercial and Civil Assets.
  • Protecting concrete structures of today and tomorrow creating asset assurance.
  • Service delivery in the preservation of concrete structures creating both water tight and durable structures through the use of industry leading technology
Eastern Treatment Plant Photos


  • Service delivery in the preservation and rehabilitation of concrete structures in alignment with industry
    • Commercial and Industrial
    • Water and Waster Water
    • Transport, Road and Rail
    • Marine
  • Maintenance planning for effective Return to Service and reducing Whole of Life Costs.
  • Maintenance Schedule Planning
  • Cost savings in the reduction of Out of Service Planning
  • Enhancing durability through remediation of defects within Concrete Assets


  • Remedial Contracting, Project Management and Service Delivery.
  • Work Health and Safety.
  • Plan and Deliver Assured Service.
  • Providing Protection and Assurance.
  • Continual Investment in our People.
  • Providing Solutions that assist in creating Sustainable Infrastructure.
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