Extending the Service Life4


Xypex coatings are typically used to provide protection for surfaces including:-

  • Reservoirs
  • Sewerage & water treatment plants
  • Underground structures
  • Secondary containment structures
  • Tunnels
  • Pools
  • Roof decks/podiums

The waterproofing effect of Xypex crystalline technology is due to two reactions: one chemical, and one physical.

When Xypex is being used as a coating for waterproofing (or other remedial work) on existing concrete structures, in order to get the chemicals from the coating into the concrete, we rely on the physical reaction diffusion. Diffusion is when a solution of high density will migrate through a solution of lower density until the two equalise.

A coating of Xypex Concentrate and/or Xypex Modified is never waterproof in itself. The coating is only the source of Xypex chemicals which are progressively drawn from the coating into the matrix of the concrete during the initial curing process.

If required, the Xypex coating itself may be removed 15 days after application, as the waterproofing effect (i.e. the crystalline growth) is deep into the concrete by this time.

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