Extending the Service Life4

Pandora Production Office Building, Bangkok


The Pandora Production Company completed its new jewellery manufacturing and office development in April 2018. Administration and production floors cover 21,000m2, and house over 3000 employees.

The asset owners had specific requirements for the protection of the waste water tanks, which are part of the production facilities in the jewellery manufacture. The harsh acidic environment in the waste tanks sustains consistent ph. 3-11 levels, which would severely reduce the service life of the structures, damaging the concrete matrix and accelerating corrosion of reinforcing steel work. Xypex Concentrate provides the necessary protection against these hazards, as the crystalline structure becomes an integral and permanent part of the structure.

Following casting, all the tanks were checked for minor defects and 750 kg of our repair products (Xypex Patch n Plug, Megamix II and MP& P Mortar) were used to prepare the substrates for the Xypex Concentrate coating system. In all, 4500m2 were successfully treated, ensuring the design service life, durability and impermeability to water factors were met.

Xypex Product(s) Used
  • Xypex Concentrate

    Apply as a cementitious slurry to the surface of existing above-or-below-grade structures to waterproof and protect the concrete against high hydrostatic pressure.

  • Xypex Gamma Cure

    Xypex Gamma Cure is a curing agent designed specifically for Xypex crystalline waterproofing products. Its use may eliminate the need for water curing the Xypex coating in some cases.

  • M P&P Mortar

    Is a fast-setting, non-shrink, mortar for concrete repairs where waterproofing is a requirement. M P&P Mortar is used for sealing cracks to stop water flows and other defects in concrete, as well as sealing tie bolt holes.

  • Xypex Megamix II

    Is a high build repair mortar for the patching and resurfacing of deteriorated concrete.

  • Xypex Patch'n Plug

    Formulated as a crystalline, fast-setting, hydraulic cement compound for concrete patching and repair. It stops flowing water in seconds and is used to seal cracks, fill tie-holes and other defects in concrete.