Extending the Service Life4

Inter Express Logistics Distribution Centre, Samutprakarn


Inter Express are one of the largest logistics companies in Thailand. Their new distribution centre in south east Bangkok was completed in June 2018. To avoid operational downtime within the building, stringent design requirements were set, to ensure low maintenance and long term durability. 

The structure comprises two separate buildings and Xypex coating systems were specified for both, on roof slabs, balconies and podiums, 
to ensure the water proofing requirements could be met.

Xypex Concentrate was applied over 500m2 and cured using the Xypex Gamma cure products, which allowed for a quick and efficient process, 
allowing other aspects of the work to move forward within the strict build schedule.

Xypex Product(s) Used
  • Xypex Concentrate

    Apply as a cementitious slurry to the surface of existing above-or-below-grade structures to waterproof and protect the concrete against high hydrostatic pressure.

  • Xypex Gamma Cure

    Xypex Gamma Cure is a curing agent designed specifically for Xypex crystalline waterproofing products. Its use may eliminate the need for water curing the Xypex coating in some cases.