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Forgan Bridge

Forgan Bridge across the Pioneer River in Mackay, was first opened in 1938. The bridge provides direct access to Mackay's
central business district from the northern suburbs.
Forgan Bridge had undergone significant maintenance over the years including underpinning and widening in 1979 and girder
repair work more recently. Increased traffic volumes brought about by Mackay's rapid population growth and expansion of the
northern suburbs of the city, has seen the original bridge reach peak capacity and nearing the end of its' design life.
This warranted a case for the replacement of Forgan Bridge. It was recommended that Forgan Bridge be replaced with a four-lane
Xypex Concentrate was applied to the headstocks and abutments to assist with concrete durability in this harsh marine environment.

Xypex Product(s) Used
  • Xypex Concentrate

  • Xypex Gamma Cure