Extending the Service Life4

Collaboration in enhancement of Concrete Durability

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Xypex Thailand’s mission is to continue to be the Market Leader in providing Sustainability in Concrete Infrastructure to both new and existing concrete structures. This overarching mission requires the collaboration with equally forward thinking partnerships within the industry, which align the values of Sustainability and Corporate Governance.

CPAC prides itself on being the first ready-mix concrete supplier in Thailand and is committed to developing products with advanced technology, with a focus on continuously improving the quality of products and services.

XMS Thailand and CPAC continue to collaborate and develop speciality Concrete Mix Designs. This partnership is driven by the vision of increasing the standards of Concrete  within Thailand, by using Crystalline Technology, that Extends the Service Life and Enhances the Durability (with regard to Chemical, Carbonation & Chloride Resistance, coupled with self-healing), within Concrete Mix Designs.